Americans Should Complain About Their Products More

Americans consume a lot of products. Every day, Americans consume food in boxes and cans, frozen foods and fresh foods; they use toys, tools, and trinkets bought in stores; they wear store-bought clothes, perhaps even multiple outfits. Americans hardly make anything for themselves anymore. They purchase everything.

Which is why it is so crucial that Americans start taking their products seriously. Americans expect a lot out of their products, but those products are often not held accountable.

It is an odd phenomenon how rarely Americans actually do complain on a large scale. While the country is famous for lawsuits, and Americans do enjoy complaining about small issues (hardly a hair has ever been found in food in America without the whole dish being sent back with a demand for a new plate and a discount), there are actually very few lawsuits or even serious complaints against large companies.

This may be due to the internet. While in the past, the only way to vent was either to complain to others or to write or call the company, nowadays, there are a million sites upon which Americans can complain anonymously and feel better.

Still, more should be done. Be sure to use these product liability guidelines to know when more than a little online complaining is in order. Should any of these occur, be sure to contact a lawyer or a journalist to look into the issue further.

Sharp, unexpected components found in a product: These can be anything from parts of a product that are unnecessarily sharp to pieces that don’t belong to the product with sharp edges.

No age restrictions on dangerous toys: Any toy that represents a hazard to young children should be marked appropriately. Check every toy box.

Poorly wired circuits: If a device is making a buzzing, electric noise, this could be the issue.

Flammable chemicals or parts: A noxious smell or smoke could be a sign. If there’s any chance unexpected chemicals are involved, put the object back in its original container and take it back to the store.

Inadequate warning labels: If there are any dangers, even unlikely ones, that might come from the product, they should be clearly labeled.

The inclusion of dangerous compounds: no product should be made where various compounds could combine in a way that is dangerous. Should this occur, consider safety first, but then take matters further.

It is crucial more people speak up when these issues occur. While some product malfunctions can be stressful and a desire to just forget it is understandable, always consider that if one product malfunctions, others are likely to do so as well. By bringing malfunctions up to the proper authorities (store managers, production companies, journalists, and lawyers), more can be done to ensure all the products Americans consume are safe for everyone.

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