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The Importance of Court Reporting

Court litigations can be a stressful and daunting process. The trial itself requires weeks or even months of preparation. Due to the nature of these cases, it is important for court documents to be accurate for the safety and protection of all the parties involved. In order to make a fair and sound decision, the judge would have to rely on the testimonies of the witnesses as well as the statements of both the prosecution and the defense. This is where the importance of court reporting comes in.

Court reporting serves as litigation support and hence should be reliable and maintain the highest degree of professionalism. This is the practice of documenting rulings of the judge, testimonies of the witnesses, evidences presented, and others. The report can be made available to lawyers as a basis for arguments or motions.

Court reports can be used as reference for any kind of legal proceeding. It can provide lawyers with the foundation they need in building a case for their clients. Court reporting can be a tedious job and hence the person that will be assigned to document court proceedings needs to have the proper training to become successful with their job. One of the skills that court reporters need to possess is excellent typing speed, the recommended is 225 words per minute. Aside from that, they should also have the necessary license issued by their state. In some states, a court reporter may require certification from a notary public. A court report serves as a legal document that provides details of witness testimonies within the trial. Even in the midst of technological advances, court reporting still plays a valuable role in the court system. They can help provide the legal assistance that witnesses, lawyers, and other concerned parties will need.